Restore Balance To Your Mind and Body

We all lead extremely busy lives, and everyone needs some space to unwind from time to time. As a reflexologist in Polesworth, Tamworth, with 20 years of experience in complementary holistic therapies, I know how much tension we hold in our bodies without realising it. That is why I offer personalised, soothing reflexology from my isolated private studio at the bottom of my garden, as well as providing mobile visits – to give you a precious hour of much-needed ‘me time’, during which I will manipulate points on your feet or hands, releasing tension from your body in the process. By the end, you will be amazed at how lighter and more relaxed you feel – both mentally and physically!

Want to know more? Keep reading for a more detailed breakdown on how I work as a reflexologist in Polesworth, Tamworth.

Who is Reflexology suitable for?

Reflexology is for people of all ages, from tiny babies to the elderly to pregnant women, to palliative care and patients undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy. It brings relief for all kinds of acute conditions and lowers stress levels. In other words, everyone would benefit from reflexology! It is not suitable for people with unstable heart conditions, current thrombosis or embolism and any acute infectious disease due to being highly contagious. Obviously you would wait until you are infection free before having a treatment.

Reflexology for the Body

By stimulating special pressure points – usually on the feet but also on the hands, face, and ears – reflexology can detect imbalances in the organs, tissues, and other systems all around the body. It is an established, powerful form of complementary healthcare that, although not a cure in itself, stimulates the body’s own innate healing processes and lessens the severity of many health conditions – especially recurring ones that you have come to accept as normal. So many people I see are amazed by the change they experience after just a few sessions!

Reflexology for the Mind

Mindful reflexology offers support to people living with stress, anxiety and depression

You don’t need to have any physical issues to benefit from this wonderful form of therapy. Reflexology is for everyone! Anyone who feels stressed out by the pressures of everyday life – and who doesn’t? – will love the way reflexology produces a state of deep relaxation. I am a specialist in mindful reflexology, which focuses on putting you in a peaceful, meditative state and stimulates the brain’s central nervous system, taking you out of a “fight or flight” state and helping you enter “rest and digest mode”, allowing you to properly relax and get some quality sleep. Optional mindfulness exercises will be offered during the treatment and you will receive information and self help techniques on how to reduce your stress/anxiety/depression. A course of 8 weekly sessions is recommended.

What are the Main Benefits of Reflexology?

Every individual is unique, so it’s not possible to know how exactly reflexology in Polesworth, Tamworth will help you, but some of the most common benefits include:

Pain relief

Relieves tension from your muscles

Deep relaxation

Reduced stress levels

Improved sleep

Better mood

Increased energy levels

Want to know about the different treatments I provide as a reflexologist in Polesworth, Tamworth? If so, head over to my Treatments and Prices page.

If you would like to see articles and research papers for trials into the efficacy of Reflexology, please click here.




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Cancer & Palliative Care


Chronic Diseases



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Multiple Sclerosis

Pain & Phantom Pain

Parkinson's Disease



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